WalletPop experts have the answers, from 401(k) withdrawals to payroll taxes


If you have plans for that tax refund check, think again. States from Hawaii to North Carolina are delaying refunds to residents because of massive holes in their budgets. And those refunds will likely be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unless you can wait until the fall to get your money back, get that tax return in asap.

Here, WalletPop experts take on questions about 401 (k) withdrawals, payroll taxes and dependent credit.

The plant I was working in closed in 2008. In November, they sent me my 401(k). They withheld $3,005 for taxes. I also was getting unemployment of $370 a week. I didn't have taxes taken out. So I was on unemployment for a total of six months. I didn't claim the two months in 2008, but I will claim them this year along with the four months of 2009. How do you think I will do on my taxes? I do own a home and have interest to claim. Are there any breaks for being unemployed? I am also single.
-- Bobby Guerrero