Private Islands and Yachts: Luxe Away From Home

greek islands for saleCalling all Russian (and other) oligarchs and hedge fund types: if you already have a slew of residences around the world, how about something completely different that will make you the envy of other wealthy types? We're talking about your own private island or a yacht marketed as a man-made floating island. Ah, there's nothing like the allure of a private isle, where you can forget about noisy neighbors and prying eyes.

With Greece's government in turmoil over the country's mounting financial woes, two German members of parliament have dared to suggest that the Greeks sell some of their prized property assets -- islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas -- to help meet their debt payments. This didn't go down well with Greeks, of course, who are looking to Germany for a possible financial bailout.

Still, many of the 6,000 or so uninhabited Greek islands are already for sale, financial crisis or not, like the 223-acre Diapori Island in the Argosaronikos Gulf, which offers generous room to roam and a "rich green boreal forest" for the taking, according to a leading private-island-for-sale site. The price is listed at €12 million ($16.3 million) but given the current situation, you might be able to bargain. The Greeks aren't the only ones with islands to sell. You can also buy the 6-acre Red Rock Island in San Francisco Bay for $22 million.

But here's an even better way to get away from it all: the uber-luxe, extra wide WHY 58X38 yacht, which at 36,000-square feet is kind of like an island and is actually marked as "the revolutionary concept of the moving island," the Wall Street Journal's Wealth Report tells us. A design concept by Monaco-based Wally yacht and designer Hermes, the 2,400-ton WHY (that's an acronym for the creative team, not asking the question why anyone would buy this thing) debuted at the recent Abu Dhabi yacht conclave.
WHY Yacht

If you happened to miss this boat show, let me recount its selling points: suites larger than most Manhattan apartments, pool, spa, screening room, library, and of course, a helipad, all contained in a what looks like a floating Stealth bomber. Oh, it's also environmentally friendly -- as much as a mega-yacht can be -- with a specially-designed hull that reduces power needs at cruising speed and solar panels to supply auxiliary power. This toy will set you back $160 million, but it's a steal, considering you get a home and an island and a yacht all rolled in to one -- and don't forget what you'll save on energy bills.
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