Mariann Donato Entry #3: Frustration Sets In... Again

Frustration Sets In... Again

My life is in limbo.....won't you please acknowledge my existence?

I have been on the job hunt for a couple of years now and even after all this time there's something I still can't make sense of or wrap my brain around - the recruiter/executive search/headhunter relationship (or perhaps lack thereof) with potential job candidates.

YES..... there are 26 million Americans currently out of work. I would assume that a huge percentage of us are dealing with these people, either directly or through job boards. While the fact that they're interacting with such a large number of us undeniably keeps them extremely busy, I wonder if they realize that WE ARE THE REASON THEY ARE SO BUSY! WE ARE THE VERY REASON THAT THEY HAVE THEIR JOBS!

I'm not even addressing the proverbial black hole we encounter at the the initial stage of applying for the job. I have spent endless hours/days/months applying for positions - we fill out applications, customize cover letters and attach resumes and hardly ever hear back - not even a confirmation in the form of an automatic email that acknowledges receipt of it and thanks you for applying.

I don't mean to appear naïve - just human. Do they understand that it's real live people they are dealing with and not widgets? By virtue of the fact that people-placing is their occupation, could they possibly extend professional courtesies to those very same people once they search them out?

Even as I write this, I am in the state of suspension again where I'm in an advanced discussion with a recruiter about a sales position. In this case the recruiter contacted me - let's call this the courting stage where the hunt is on and they are anxious to hunt you down: they call, email, call again, email again until they get a hold of you. Once that happens and preliminary pleasantries are behind us, we are told that we could very well be considered as a qualified candidate and that we'll continue to the next step and have the recruiter recommend us for the position. From that second on, we're totally reliant on that individual to do our bidding.

Wouldn't it be nice to know how you are faring? The scenario that presents itself most often is sad - a few days go by and you hear nothing. Should you call or email for an update or do you run the risk of being deemed a pest? Better wait a few more days. You do and decide to call. Your voicemail message goes unacknowledged for another day, so should you call again or better yet, should you email? You choose to email the next day and that, too, goes unanswered. Before you know it, a week has gone by and you are now feeling like a stalker.

Does it really have to be like this? In this time of electronic everything, where most communication is only a click away, even the busiest of people should be able to afford the applicant the respect of a quick update, even if the feedback is not good. I think it's called closure. I would so appreciate that!

NOTE: If you have any job leads for Ms. Donato, please let us know in the comments below. Thank you.

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