How will Oscar help "The Hurt Locker?"

Oscar is sure to help sales of "The Hurt Locker," welcome news for a picture that has only grossed $7 million domestically.

Sales of "The Hurt Locker" DVDs spiked on following the low-budget movie's Oscar win on Sunday, rising to third place from 13th, and the Iraq war drama was the most-rented movie yesterday on Amazon's video-on-demand service and Apple's iTunes.

"The Hurt Locker" cost $15 million to make and won best original screenplay and best director for Kathryn Bigelow. The question now is how to cash in on the movie's success.

The movie's distributor, Summit Entertainment, could extend the film to 1,000 movie screens from its current 274, which would boost its box-office sales worldwide to around $40 million, according to analysts interviewed by Bloomberg. That's nearly double its current worldwide sales total.

The Oscar wins could also help Summit sell 1 million DVDs, in addition to the 725,000 already sold, analysts predicted. Video-on-demand, home video and cable TV will also reap the benefits from the Oscar win.
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