Hilton Garden Inn Inks Deal to Let Guests Print for Free

William Hook, flickr

Hilton Garden Inn has announced a new complimentary printer service tailor-made for business travelers who use Blackberry and iPhone devices.

The hotel chain unveiled a new plan yesterday that allows guests to send documents from smartphone devices to printers in their business centers.

"Workloads do not ease up when traveling," said Vice President of Brand Marketing Jim Cone in a press release.

"Remote mobile printing is one more way we help our guests prepare for their 'big days' and help them achieve whatever it is they set out to achieve while traveling," he continued.

Cone also pointed to a recent survey conducted by Hilton that found the chain's guests are taking an average of nine business trips a year. "With travel schedules like that, we know our guests look to us to provide them with the ability to stay productive while away," announced Cone.

To use the PrintSpots mobile printing service, guests simply forward the document they wish to print from their mobile phone to a property-specific email address. According to Hilton, the service "completes the task by processing the document and holding it until the guest releases it, using a unique release code."

Each Hilton Garden Inn features a complimentary 24-hour business center, as well as free wired and WiFi Internet access in all guestrooms.
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