Destroy Your Text Messages and Keep Your Career

iphoneNecessity is the mother of invention and a new iPhone app certainly proves that. The app, "aptly" but not intentionally, named TigerText, after a company by the same name, enables users to eliminate text messages after a designated period of time, never to be found again. Think of how this app would have helped Tiger Woods, not to mention all the politicians, athletes, and Hollywood celebrities whose careers could have been saved by such a nifty tool. What about the less rich and famous among us that are doing things we shouldn't be that could be damaging to our careers? Who wouldn't be curious about such an application?

And while TigerText founder, Jeffrey Evans, is potentially saving careers all over the world, he's built one for himself as well. He embraced one of the most important aspects of career management - show others how you can solve an important problem. Evans has certainly achieved that goal with TigerText and he will probably reap the benefits for years to come.

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