Conan's Twitter pick can now pay for her wedding

Conan O'Brien on TwitterBeing a celebrity has its perks, and becoming an Internet celebrity can lead to its own perks, as one Michigan woman is finding out after Conan O'Brien made her the only person he is following on Twitter.

Sarah Faith Killen, AKA @LovelyButton on Twitter, saw her life change overnight when O'Brien, the former host of "The Tonight Show," chose her at random to follow on Twitter. Killen has almost 18,000 Twitter followers, and O'Brien has almost 595,000 people following him on Twitter, and before you know it, strangers are offering to help her with her wedding.

According to Los Angeles Times' Show Tracker blog, Killen, 19 and her fiance, John D. Slowik, Jr., 21, are getting married Sept. 25, but before this past Friday, had no idea how they were going to pull it off. He was recently laid off and she's a student, so their finances may not be in the best of shape.

Since being followed on Twitter by O'Brien, Killen has been showered with presents, including a new Apple computer, and strangers have planned her entire wedding for her.

For her upcoming wedding she has received offers for free invitations, a photographer, videographer, wedding bands, and a custom-made wedding dress from a New York City bridal business in exchange for promoting a charity. She's also using some of her new fame to raise money for breast cancer research.

Who knows if O'Brien intended all of this when he started following @LovelyButton, but it's good to know one person's fame can help a young couple so much in getting their life started. It was about as random as an act of kindness can get.
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