10-cent roulette? Find it in these cheapest places to gamble

American Casino Guide
American Casino Guide

While many gambling towns offer minimum table-game bets that are anything but minimal, WalletPop found a few cities that welcome you with open arms and low-end wagering.

Steve Bourie, author of the "2010 American Casino Guide," took WalletPop on a quick tour of the nation's bargain gaming dens, focusing on blackjack with a nod to craps and roulette.

Nevada still offers cheap blackjack, except on the Las Vegas Strip. Downtown Vegas has consistent $2 games with house rules that aren't too disadvantageous, Bourie said. (The fewer the decks and the fewer the alterations, such as allowing the dealer to hit when he holds an ace and a six, the better your chances.)

You can also get a $5 single deck game. Dollar craps and 10-cent roulette also help to compensate for downtown's less-glitzy vibe.