A $400/hour career coach to get your unemployed college grad a job?



College on a Dime series is written by Zac Bissonnette, a junior at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His book College On a Dime will be published by Penguin in the fall.

With employers hiring 21.6% fewer graduates in 2009 and few signs of improvement on the horizon, more than a few recent college grads have become boomerang kids -- sleeping on their parents' couches, finding that their six-figure college educations still can't get them jobs that don't involve fryalators.

Enter Lesley Mitler, a Wall Street recruiter/CPA turned $400/hour career coach for recent college grads, profiled in a recent New York Times piece. Her company, Priority Candidates, Inc., will school your college graduate on the Seven Step Program: The Seven Steps To Prepare To Get Hired, Starting Now which is service marked, perhaps to distinguish it from Joel Osteen's 7 Steps to Living At Your Full Potential and the Seven Stages of Cocaine Addiction.

No word yet on whether she can train your kid on how to get a job as $400/hour career coach. If she can, her fee just might be worth it.