Who needs a prenup? Everybody needs a prenup!

Rupert MurdochUSA Today reports on the importance of prenuptial agreements.

Of course, prenups are inherently unromantic ("I love you but in case I decide I don't, sign this so you don't get my money"), but they're becoming increasingly popular, perhaps motivated by the plights of the rich, famous, and divorced.

Rupert Murdoch paid $1.7 billion to extract himself from his marriage, and he's not alone. Check out this list of the 15 Most Expensive Divorces.

But do prenups really only make sense for the rich? Not according to that renowned financial adviser, comedian Chris Rock. "Everybody needs a prenup," he once said in a stand-up performance explaining that he understood why O.J. Simpson killed his wife.

"People think you gotta be rich to get a prenup. Oh no. You got twenty million and your wife wants ten, big deal, you ain't starving. But if you make thirty thousand, and your wife wants fifteen, you might have to kill her!"

While WalletPOP doesn't condone murder as a means of avoiding divorce settlements, Rock's argument in favor of prenups is actually pretty compelling.

should get a prenup.

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