West Hollywood Insider: Comedian MODI

Comedian MODI has a place in New York City but he tells us why Los Angeles' West Hollywood neighborhood is the perfect base for his Hollywood life. Hint: It involves comedy spots.

Name, Age, Occupation:MODI, 39, Comedian

Neighborhood: West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Abode: 1-bedroom apartment

How long have you lived in West Hollywood? A year and a half.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?
The convenience in regard to all the places that I go. And it's a good neighborhood to just walk around. I miss that coming from New York.

Do you talk to your neighbors?

I am friendly with my neighbors. I have nice people that live in my building and we are all the same age so it works well. And what is funny is one time they tried to put a 21 or 22 year old into the complex and it didn't work out. It seems that my building does well because everyone is the same age and mindset.

Best kept secret in West Hollywood?
The Laugh Factory. It's known but it's such an amazing bang for your buck. You get to see such a great show for the price. ... Fountain is a great street to drive on. Honestly though, I think the best kept secret is the location. I go to Pico/Robertson and Westwood and Hollywood, these are all places I go to and I'm in the best location because it's in the center of all of it. If you have to go to the Valley you are halfway there because of Laurel Canyon. It's so central to everything in my Hollywood life.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday night in your neighborhood?
Performing at the Laugh Factory. It's two blocks away from where I live. Most Saturday nights I am out of town performing, but if I am in town I am at the Laugh Factory.

You really are a worker bee ...
I don't sit and fall in love with a coffee shop in my area, I get it going and move.

You seem to have a New York pace while spending a lot of time in West Hollywood. Do you enjoy it here?
I love WeHo! It's a different change of pace for sure, but I don't look for the New York in West Hollywood, I look for the West Hollywood in West Hollywood. I don't need the fast pace or the action of the snow or the rain. I don't need the traffic or the dirt. I appreciate it for all it is. I appreciate New York for all it is and all that is there and I do the same here.

Is WeHo inspiring for your work?
You find humor wherever you are so if my day to day is in WeHo I find it there. My gym, I got to Equinox and I get material there. Oh, and I dated some girl that was into Runyon Canyon which I wasn't so I was able to make fun of that.

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