Sony Online Entertainment launches first Facebook game, Poxnora

iPhone screenshot of Poxnora
Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), best known for MMOs like Everquest and the upcoming DC Universe Online, today announced the launch of their first Facebook game, Poxnora. The hybrid real-time strategy/collectible card game, which has been available through since 2006 and was acquired by SOE in early 2009, already boasts over 2.5 million players, according to SOE. Existing players will be able to link their Sony Station accounts with their Facebook accounts for a seamless transition between the platforms.

"From microtransactions to community play, SOE has customized the Facebook version of PoxNora to appeal to a wider social networking audience in a fun and engaging way," the company said in a press release. "The new PoxNora for Facebook harnesses the platform's social channels by allowing users to invite friends and post updates of accomplishments."
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