Oscar-exposed Hershey School has sweet deals for new students, hires


The Milton Hershey School ad during the Oscars on Sunday night melted the heart faster than Hershey's "Great American Chocolate Bar" campaign.

Underprivileged students enthused how how their lives were changed by the Hershey-subsidized Pre-K-to-12 boarding school, which had operated under the philanthropic radar for 100 years. Call the commercial a 30-second, $1.5 million air-time marketing and public service kiss.

WalletPop figured as long as Hershey is getting the word out, let's find out what might be in it for you. The school is accepting admission applications at its Web site, spokeswoman Connie McNamara told WalletPop on Monday.

The biggest enrollment periods are August, September and January. For your child to qualify, your income will likely have to fall under the poverty line (around $16,000 for a family of four, according to McNamara) and the candidate cannot have been jailed or "been in trouble with the law," she said.