Farmville podcast teases new communication features, items, other adjustments

As usual, Zynga used the occasion of its weekly podcast to offer up some hints at what new features are coming soon to the mega-hit Facebook game. First up was a cryptic hint at a new feature that will "allow you to better communicate with your neighbors in-game." The podcast was light on details, but suggested the new feature would be useful if "sign posts [are] just not cutting it for you anymore."

Next up, the podcast said that the team would be fine tuning Mastery, Achievements and Leveling "in the near future." No details on how these tweaks would manifest themselves, but if they're anything like the Feb. 20 leveling update, it's going to be easier than ever to see your numbers go up.

Lastly, with St. Patrick's Day coming up, Farmville is of course getting into the act with new St. Patrick's Day themed mystery boxes and limited edition items. Remember, these items will be purchasable with the gold you've been hoarding in your new gold box, so be sure to save up.