Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding comes with some serious strings

Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding prize comes with stringsIt sounds like a dream come true for the recently engaged: a $100,000 wedding designed by an event planner to the stars. That's the grand prize of the Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding contest. Couples simply have to upload a photo, tell their love story, describe their dream wedding, and their "everyday dream day" -- world peace? -- in 100 words or less. And the rest of us can vote. It sounds like a cool opportunity if you can forward your entry page to an army of family, friends, Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

There is no such thing as a free wedding, though: some of the restrictions that come with the Grand Prize are startling. Not only are you obligated to do all the press that comes with winning -- you're promoting Crate and Barrel, after all -- but the company and event designer get the final say on your "dream wedding." From the official rules page:
Each member of the Entrant [you, the winning couple] must be willing to accept choices made by Sponsor and the Wedding Coordinator (with or without input from Entrant [you]) as to significant elements of the wedding, such as, for example, the nature and length of ceremony, the choice of wedding attire, cake, flowers, music, wedding venue and date. Sponsor reserves the right to change the identity of the Wedding Coordinator at any time, in its discretion.
If you thought organizing the seating chart was hard, you might have to make all your guests sign a "liability and publicity release" or they might not be allowed to attend your big day:
All members of the wedding party and other guests invited to attend the wedding ceremony must complete a liability and publicity release (unless expressly waived in writing by Sponsor), which will be supplied by Sponsor. Individuals who refuse to sign such release may not be invited to and may not be able to attend the wedding.
And your officiant has to be approved:
A wedding ceremony officiated by a person selected by Sponsor and the Wedding Coordinator or officiated by an individual chosen by the Grand Prize Winner and approved by Sponsor and the Wedding Coordinator, provided that such individual is legally entitled to perform marriages in the location selected for the ceremony;
Ultimately, the contest's panel of judges chooses the grand prize winner, so it's in everyone's interest to choose a winning couple who reflect the style of the brand. In any economy, it's huge incentive to get your entire wedding paid for, but you'll have fork over control to other people's vision for your big day and do your best not to embarrass the sponsor. With my endearingly loud New York family, I don't know if we could uphold our end of the bargain, releases or no releases.
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