FarmVille locked box: Find out what's inside


In February, FarmVille released a special locked box to a select group of virtual farmers. Boxes can be found while plowing and will appear in the gift box. Here's the catch -- to open this, you 'll need a passcode and the only way to get that is by signing up to receive FarmVille emails. Once the signup is complete, FarmVille will email you the code.

Is the lockbox worth lusting after? We'd say that -- for the most part -- yes. Items found inside range from the rare to practical. Here's a list of items discovered so far, per FarmVille Wiki (If you've found anything else, please leave a note in the comments below!).

* 5 or 20 Free Fuel Refills
* Arborists
* Farmhands
* Golden Chicken
* Gold Gnome
* Mammoth Statue
* Platinum Gnome
* Totem Pole

FarmVille locked boxes are expected to roll out to everyone sometime in March.

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