Mafia Wars Chop Shop upgrade arrives

mafia wars chop shop upgrade for parts
mafia wars chop shop upgrade for parts

The Mafia Wars Chop Shop overhaul has arrived, which mean that you can upgrade your chop shop to produce car parts every day, which are then used to create new rides for your mafia. Car parts can also be looted while completing missions, and some of the cars will also give you a boost in the stat department, says Mafia Wars moderator Niki King.

More details on the new Chop Shop coming soon!

UPDATE: Check out a few cars that were created in the new Chop Shop, courtesy of Mafia Wars kingpen, Monte! Thanks, Monte!

Mafia Wars Chop Shop ride -- solar powered
Mafia Wars Chop Shop ride -- Italian Car
mafia wars chop shop -- armored
Mafia Wars British import created in Chop Shop

What cars have you made in your Chop Shop? Send an image to, and we'll post it here.