FarmVille March 5th Official Podcast arrives

The Official FarmVille Podcast was on time as scheduled for March 5th!
FarmVille Freak Summary of Podcast

-Pot of Gold

* For every 5 pieces of gold you collect, you will be able to post a "sharing" option in your Facebook newsfeed that will allow your friends to collect.
* Collect gold from neighbors gifts and newsfeed. Up to 10 people can collect from one sharing gold link.

-Fuel Changes

* Free Fuel can be found while plowing, fertilizing neighbors' farms, and in Mystery Eggs or Gifts.
* You are limited to finding fuel on your farm while plowing once per day.
* When you find free fuel on your farm you can share by posting a link in your newsfeed, up to 150 neighbors can collect free fuel. The amount of fuel they get depends on the size of their farms. (More plots, more fuel).
* While fertilizing you can find free fuel once per neighbor. At a certain point of fertilizing you may notice that you are no longer finding fuel and will need to use up some of your current fuel, to find more.
* The rate that fuel naturally regenerates has been changed to slow down.slowed down. The bigger your farm, the faster it will regenerate.

-FarmVille Game Cards

* Now available at 7 Eleven and Best Buy

-Player Submitted Questions

* Farms of the Week (Zynga's) are selected based on being "good looking" designs, hay bale, etc.
* FarmHands are a consumable item that harvest all animals that are not in a building instantly. One time use.

COMING SOON to FarmVille:

* New feature that will allow better in-game communication with your FarmVille neighbors.
* Fine tuning Mastery, Achievements, and Leveling. There will be permanent changes made to Mastery and Achievement requirements.
* More St. Patrick's Day themed Mystery Box and Limited Edition items.

You can read the official transcript here:

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