Still Got Bare Walls? Dive into Decals!

Graphic Wall decal optionsLast week, we took a look at a few poster options for those of us with bare walls, zero mural skills, and the desire to improve the State of the Home. With some helpful constructive criticism - thank you, dear commenters - came the reminder that there's another option out there: one that is just as fun (if not more so), just as easy (if not easier), and with just as many mind-blowing options as the humble poster.

Wall decals, once thought to be strictly for the two-and-under set, have gone rogue. Sold everywhere from Target to Sears, not to mention all over the internet, and in styles ranging from the decidedly old-school NoJo Jungle Babies (that would be for that under-2 set) to a super-conceptual Stack Chair decal produced by British-based designers Amplifier, decals are the new it wall-detail.

Decals tend to divide into a few categories. And we're here to break them down for you.

Category A: The Ironic Decal

This is a decal for people who probably had Thomas the Tank Engine driving across the mid-point of their walls when they were babes-in-cribs, and think it's kinda hilarious to reproduce that magic here. This is the decal that could just as easily have been left over from previous tenants, the kind of decal that makes you stop and wonder if your friend actually knows that it's on her walls, or just doesn't look at things that closely.

Examples: Sears' NoJo Jungle Babies Decal ($21.59), PrestoChangoDecor's Car Toons Wall Stickers ($24.99)

Category B: The Hipster-Designy Decal

This is the decal for people that wouldn't be caught dead with a decal. Except that they would be, because this decal is just so hella hot. This is the decal that's also designed by people who probably wouldn't be caught dead with a decal, unless it's one that they designed. Aesthetically, this is a decal that tends towards monochromatic spareness and probably a visual trick or two.

Examples: Amplifier's Stack Chair, a chair-shaped decal that you line piles of magazines up with, eventually creating a trompe l'oeil magazine-base chair ($45.00), Scribble on Everything's Lichtenstein-esque BAM ($12.00), or Another Sticker in the Wall's Barcelona skyline ($89.00)

Category C: The Really, Really Pretty Decal

This is the decal for people who love artist Mary Temple's work (she's the one who paints on a wall to make it look like the barest shadow) but are suffering from a momentary cash-flow crunch. Think flowers, trees, natural scenes with birds and rabbits and the occasional nest of open-beaked chickies. The really, really pretty decal usually has names like "Flowering Cherry Blossom Branch" or "Birch Trees."

Examples: Dali Decal's Cherry Blossom Branch ($80 from, Pretty Tree With Swirling Leaves (

Category D: The Badass Decal

This is from the Decal of No Decal Land, the decal that just screams "Yes, I am a decal, and proud of it." Most likely to be spotted in a Portland, Oregon house, a Mission District apartment, or a Williamsburg loft, this is the decal that makes you want to pretty much put a decal on yourself it's so rad.

Examples: Rhinestone Chandelier ($12.99 at, Buck You by Jeremy Fish ($50 at Blik Surface Graphics)
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