Still Got Bare Walls? Dive into Decals!

Graphic Wall decal options
Graphic Wall decal options

Last week, we took a look at a few poster options for those of us with bare walls, zero mural skills, and the desire to improve the State of the Home. With some helpful constructive criticism - thank you, dear commenters - came the reminder that there's another option out there: one that is just as fun (if not more so), just as easy (if not easier), and with just as many mind-blowing options as the humble poster.

Wall decals, once thought to be strictly for the two-and-under set, have gone rogue. Sold everywhere from Target to Sears, not to mention all over the internet, and in styles ranging from the decidedly old-school NoJo Jungle Babies (that would be for that under-2 set) to a super-conceptual Stack Chair decal produced by British-based designers Amplifier, decals are the new it wall-detail.

Decals tend to divide into a few categories. And we're here to break them down for you.