Playfish's Pet Society gets Extreme Makeover

Wow, lots of changes in Pet Society today. We won't review all of them, but here are a few of the cooler features worth mentioning.

Chest Organization

Playfish calls this "better chest management." Aside from the funny wording of this, we love the tabs on top of our storage chest that neatly separate the contents.

Improved Camera
Yay! Playfish listened to our request for a camera that takes pictures of our pets in the house! This would have been really nice to have for the Movie Award competition. Before, it was impossible for our pets to be included in their own scenes, but better late than never.

New Look for Village

Full Screen Mode has Bug
We did notice a little bug. When you choose Toggle Full Screen, you get the game in a larger format. However, when you try to go back to the normal mode, a large section on the right-hand side gets squished out of the picture.

Overall, we really like the new changes in Pet Society. We know it must be a challenge to make a visually rich game in a small format, and we're consistently amazed by the level of details shown in the artwork of this game. Finally, thanks for the 3000 coins!

This article originally appeared on Pet Society Anonymous.
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