PetVille FarmVille collectible of the day: FarmVille Mini-Sheep

petville farmville mini-sheep
petville farmville mini-sheep

Today's the last day for the PetVille's FarmVille collection and the final item is ... the FarmVille Mini-Sheep. This limited edition ewe can only be acquired as a gift, so better get an early start begging friends to gift one to you. This 10-day limited edition collection has been one of the more intriguing tie-ins between two different social games, and we're certain we'll see more of this soon. Ooh -- what about a PetVille Mafia Wars collection?

The complete list of items for the PetVille FarmVille collection include: FarmVille Farmer Dude, FarmVille Farmer Gal, FarmVille Barn, FarmVille Mini-Horsey, FarmVille Mini-Cow, FarmVille Tractor, FarmVille Mini-Fence, FarmVille Mini-Silo, FarmVille Apple Tree and now the FarmVille Mini-Sheep.

Send pictures of your completed FarmVille collection to, and we'll post them here!