PetVille drops 'Clean Bombs' into the premium store

petville clean bombs cause a big bang
petville clean bombs cause a big bang

If you're tired of all that clicking to clean up after your and your friends' pets, PetVille has the quick-fix solution -- Clean Bombs. These explosive little devices come in a pack of five and can be purchased in the Premium store for 2 PetVille dollars each. (That's not bad considering that you can earn PV cash just by playing the game).

To put them to work, visit a friends' house, open your inventory, then drag a bomb into the room. After a few seconds, the bomb will explode, leaving everything squeaky clean -- pets, house, you name it. As an added bonus, using a bomb doubles the amount of coins and love points, making these WMCs (weapons of mass cleaning) the new must-have item for virtual pet owners everywhere. Now, if someone could make these for real-life, we'd happily hang up our scrubbing brushes for good.

What do you think of the new clean bombs?