FishVille fish live three days longer ... but there's a catch


fishville medicine 8-pack
fishville medicine 8-pack

It's hard to count how many times we've skipped playing FishVille for a few days -- only to come back to find our finned friends floating belly up. Dead fish is one of the main reasons we prefer Crowdstar's Happy Aquarium over FishVille because, well, dealing with deceased pets -- even fish -- is too high maintenance (and a little morbid, if you ask me).

FishVille has taken a few small steps to ward off fish expiration in the game, first by introducing hibernators, designed to keep your fish alive for a few extra days. Now, unfed fish will get sick for three days before they die, and can be healed using medicine. Medicine can be sent as a gift or purchased from the in-game store for 1 Sand Dollar (that pays for a pack of 8 doses). You can also acquire more medicine along with your daily bonus.

The medicine seems more readily available than the hibernators -- for the most part -- but this new update still seems like a band-aid approach to fixing a bigger quirk in the game. Please stop killing our fish!