Fish World Tips and Tricks: Getting Started Guide

Fish World on Facebook is an addicting game where players can create their own aquariums, breed unique species of fish and compete with friends to have the best virtual fish tank around.

In order to buy new tank backgrounds, decorations, fish eggs or other items, players have to save up their coins or Fishbucks. In Fish World, players can earn coins and Fishbucks by cleaning fish tanks, selling fish and completing other tasks.

Fish World offers a variety of themes, and players can mix and match items to customize their tanks. If you want to learn how to play Fish World and have one of the top aquariums around, keep reading for a ton of great tips and tricks.

To begin playing Fish World, visit the application on Facebook and allow access. New players start out with a starter tank and a default background. At the top left hand side of the screen, you'll see how many coins you have to play with.

Buying and Selling Fish
When you first start playing Fish World, you'll need to buy some fish eggs. To do this, click on the icon that looks like orange bubbles, located at the lower right hand side of the screen; from here you can buy fish eggs. For new players there are a limited number of fish called "Starter Fish" and they're pretty cheap.

The best way to earn Fish World coins and Experience Points quickly (when you begin playing) is to buy a bunch of Green Snappers for 10 coins, Clown Fish for 20 coins or Bubbleheads for 35 coins. Make your decision on how often you'll be back to play. For example, the Green Snappers only take 4 hours to grow and they sell for 15 coins when they are adults. With the purchase of Clown Fish eggs, you can double your money in two days because this breed sells for 45 coins. Simply drop these eggs into the tank. In order for it to grow, you'll need to feed it. Click on the jar that says "Food," located to the left of the eggs.

To sell a fish, click on it with your cursor. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see a status bar that says "Adulthood." This will tell you how much longer it will take for that particular fish to become an adult. It will also tell you how much that fish will sell for in its current state of growth and how much it will be worth as an adult. When you are ready, click 'Sell Fish" and collect your coins.

Feed Your Fish & Keep Your Tank Clean
A tank full of dead fish is worthless so be sure to come back and feed your fish! If you're not going to be around to feed your fish, choose a breed that takes longer to grow. Over time, fish tanks in Fish World will develop green splotches of algae. By cleaning the algae off the tank, you'll rack up coins quickly. To do this, grab the sponge located on the bottom right hand side of the game-play screen. Drag the sponge over the green spots and wipe them away. For each green spot that you wipe clean, you'll get about 5 coins and 1 experience point.

Visit Fish World Friends
To add friends to Fish World, you can send them invitations by clicking on "Invite Friends" in the tab located above the game. Your Fish World friends will appear at the bottom of the screen in order of the rank. As you scroll over their avatars, you'll see options to "visit" or "send gift." By visiting friends you can earn quick coins and experience points. You can do this by cleaning their tank just as you clean your own. Keep in mind that players can have more than one tank. Click the "Tank" tab on the left hand side of the screen to open their list of tanks. Be sure to clean every tank that each friend has in order to maximize your points and coins.

"Love" Your Fishfor Free Coins
You can make a few quick coins by proclaiming your love to your fish by clicking the "I Love My Fish" button. There is an option to announce this on Facebook; don't be shy about it! By letting your friends know that your playing Fish World, they too may sign up and send you gifts! Keep in mind that you can only "love" your fish once a day.

Sell the Gifts You Receive
Another way to way to get coins fast is by selling the free gifts that you receive. You can do this by clicking "Inventory" and dragging the item into your tank. Next, click on the item and click "Sell" at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation window will pop up alerting you to how much the item is worth upon selling it. These gifts are free to give and receive so be sure to take care of your Fish World friends and they'll likely return the favor.

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