Fish World Tips and Tricks: Getting Started Guide


Fish World on Facebook is an addicting game where players can create their own aquariums, breed unique species of fish and compete with friends to have the best virtual fish tank around.

In order to buy new tank backgrounds, decorations, fish eggs or other items, players have to save up their coins or Fishbucks. In Fish World, players can earn coins and Fishbucks by cleaning fish tanks, selling fish and completing other tasks.

Fish World offers a variety of themes, and players can mix and match items to customize their tanks. If you want to learn how to play Fish World and have one of the top aquariums around, keep reading for a ton of great tips and tricks.

To begin playing Fish World, visit the application on Facebook and allow access. New players start out with a starter tank and a default background. At the top left hand side of the screen, you'll see how many coins you have to play with.

Buying and Selling Fish
When you first start playing Fish World, you'll need to buy some fish eggs. To do this, click on the icon that looks like orange bubbles, located at the lower right hand side of the screen; from here you can buy fish eggs. For new players there are a limited number of fish called "Starter Fish" and they're pretty cheap.