February's Job Report Could Be Skewed By Record Snowfall

february job report
february job report

Each month there is a job report released by the government which reflects vital information about our nation's economy-how well the government is doing at creating jobs. February's report, set to be released today, is not expected to be positive, but rather bleak, and snowed with skewed data due to the record snowfall many parts of the East Coast experienced during the past months, says The White House.

A slippery snowy slope

As if it is not bad enough that the White House is pre-emptively pointing to bad weather to explain a poor jobs report, there is the possibility that the record snowfall inflated job losses by as much as 100,000. Private economist Sarah M. Place, President and CEO of Place Trade Financial said that "it is a slippery slope when you start blaming snow for the poor report and economic troubles of this country, especially since the snow effect can be filtered out."