FarmVille Crop Mastery Changed Requirements Glitch: Now Fixed

FarmVille Crop Mastery Changed Requirements Glitch: Now Fixed
farmville crop mastery glitch blueberries
farmville crop mastery glitch green tea

***UPDATE: The glitch described below that caused Crop Mastery to change has now been fixed and reset by Zynga.****

In an update made tonight on 03.04.10, FarmVille changed the requirements for some Crop Mastery! Some crops are have lowered and others have increased.This change should have all the FarmVille Crop Profit Spreadsheet analysts busy for awhile.

Since some of the Crop Mastery levels have lowered, it has caused some farmers to now go over the requirements needed to complete Crop Mastery for that specific crop. For example, Blueberries and Strawberries Crop Masteries have both lowered and now Blueberries require only 3,000 points to master.

If this happened to you don't freak out yet . . . it is still possible to gain your Crop Mastery Sign and XP. Try planting the crop in which you should now have Mastery for and it should re-align everything to be accurate. Remember, you may have to wait for the crop to harvest in order for this to happen. In the past, when Crop Mastery changed, replanting the crop you should now have Crop Mastery for and then harvesting it triggered the ability to get the Crop Mastery Sign and XP rewards.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak