Daily News Wrap -- March 5, 2010


More of the news that's important enough to know about, but not important enough for us to write a whole post about:

Crowdstar guns for Zynga: CrowdStar co-founder Jeff Tseng says the company will grow from 40 employees to more than 100 this year in this VentureBeat profile. And none of those employees have titles -- "there are no directors or producers or studio chiefs." Sounds fine for a small studio, but will this anarchic structure be sustainable as the company grows?

Star Wars items launch on Xbox Live: Includes a toy "Mouse Droid" vehicle, storm trooper costumes and, of course, a lightsaber. We're still waiting for Farmville's fully operational Death Star tractor that can harvest a whole planet's worth of crops with a single blast.

The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion arrives in June 2010: Sim-occupations shown off in the trailer include firefighter, "fashionista," inventor, detective, sculptor, construction worker, tattoo artist, and.... Ghostbuster? If there's an option to get Slimer as a pet, I am so in...