Cafe World spices: Where the heck are they?

cafe world spice rack
cafe world spice rack

Yesterday, we were told that Cafe World Spices would be launching and, now, a day later -- there's ne're a spice in our cafe.

The Zynga message boards are flooded with complaints -- covering everything from no spices, to the lack of lids and large jars available for gifting. And that's when we discovered that the spices were released, and then recalled due to a technical hiccup.

"The mystery spice was available for a short amount of time and then removed from game when problems with the spice were revealed. The spices are scheduled to be released to the game as a fully functioning feature soon," says Cafe World moderator Belle Starr.

So, we're still waiting with baited breath for our spices. Do you have all of the parts you need?