Cafe World Spices: Everything you need to know

cafe world spices everything you need to know

Get ready to kick it up a notch around your virtual kitchens. After a short delay, Cafe World's spices have officially arrived, but accessing them requires a few extra steps. First, you'll need to complete your spice rack by collecting all of the jars, lids and boards. If you don't have the patience to wait, you'll be able to buy whatever leftover items you need.

spice rack -- ask friends for help to open it

Once the rack's ready to go -- you'll receive a notification that your spices have arrived. That's where the second task comes in -- to access the spices, you need a friend to help you open the shipment. That can be done by posting a notice on your Facebook wall, asking friends to help. Once they give the assist, the spice rack magically opens.

cafe world need help opening spice crate
The spice rack contains seven spices total, each acting a 'boost' for your good. The spices and their magic powers are as follows: Super Salt, adds 5% more servings; Power Pepper, Adds 10% more servings, , Onehour Thyme, speeds cook time 1 hour; Sixhour Thyme, speeds cook time 6 hours; Instant Tyme, Makes a dish ready instantly and Salvage Sage, removes spoil from a dish. The Mystery Spice boost varies (we used it and it shaved five minutes cooking time off the dish), and these must be gifted by friends.

cafe world spice market

To use the spices, on the spice rack icon, which will display all of your available spices. Click 'Use It' under the spice of choice and then drag it over the dish that needs to be spiced. Once the dish has been spiced, you'll receive a notification confirming that the boost has been activated.

cafe world spice market

The Spice Rack also includes a Spice Market, where players can purchase new spices for coins or using Cafe Cash, depending on the Spice. Super Salt and Power Pepper cost 1,800 coins to 30,000 coins, depending on how many you buy, the other cost anywhere from 2 Cafe Cash to 145 Cafe Cash. The Instant Thyme costs the most, just because it makes your dishes ready instantly and, well, that's almost makes Cafe World too easy. As mentioned earlier, the Mystery Spice must be gifted from friends.

And that, fellow virtual chefs, sums up the new spice features in the game. From what we've seen so far, this new feature seems to add a nice new level of complexity to Zynga's popular restaurant sim, which continues to hold the number two spot as the most popular game on Facebook.

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