An Early Guide to the New YoVille!

A picture of the new YoVille has been posted on the official YoVille blog. The new layout is supposed to provide more space for decorating and a less clustered game window. There are two main changes.The live deals sidebar and the top toolbar are going to be removed. Wait, the top toolbar? How am I going to decorate my rooms?!

No More Edit Room Button!
The upper left corner of the screen is gonna be your YoVillian wallet. And seeing the prices of items those days, you're are going to use it too much. At the top you can see coins and yocash icons and that will show the amount of money you have. An advertisement button for getting more coins and cash is found just below them.

OMG, How Are We Going To Decorate Our Rooms?
The bottom toolbar will have 5 main icons:

The three houses : Most probably will open a list of your buddies and their places.

The globe: Will open the YoVille map.

The party top hat: Will open the events menu.

The chair: Is the edit room button for decoration.

The sunglasses:
Will be for changing your appearance.

A new chat log button will be also available.

Notice that there are no locks, no smilies, no actions menu and no camera game button. As we reported before, live deals and energy bar will be removed.

That's it for now. Keep on checking for more details and don't forget to tell us what you think in comments.

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