YoVille Treasure Chests Feature wins you Coins, Rares & YoCash

Treasure chests and keys with the bright colors of red, blue, and green arrived to YoVille. To get your keys, click on your friends feeds that say Mystery Keys Found. You can also buy them for 2 Yocash. You will find the keys all over your properties on YoVille. If you see a colorful ring of keys click on it and send the feed yourself to help your friends out. When you want to buy keys, set your chest on the ground in your room and click on it. A little message will pop up giving you the option to buy the key. You will also be able to send chests in the game to others as gifts and in trade, but you are not allowed to gift or send keys themselves.

In those chests you can find coins, yocash and even rares. What are these rares? You will have to tell us! Make sure to send a picture of the rare items you get from the chests to admin@yvlounge.com. Official report and pictures are after the link.

What did you find in your chests? Tell us in comments.

We wanted to give everyone a little heads up and give you a quick tutorial on the Chest and Keys coming soon to Yoville!! Firstly, we will have 3 different matching colors sets of chest and keys Green, Blue and Red. The idea here is to get your hands on both the key and a chest of the same color to open the chest and find a prize!! Prizes will include coins, items and even a chance to receive Yocash. Let's walk through how to get your hands on these chests and keys and getting them open to get those special prizes...

How do I receive A Key?

You will be able to receive a Key by clicking on your Friend's Mystery Key Feed on Facebook. Keep your eyes peeled and be one of the first to click in on this feed to receive a key! You will also be given the option to be able to purchase a specific key (Please read below for more details)

How do I post a Feed for my Friends to find a Key?

To be able to post a Feed about Mystery Keys you must look for the missing set of keys. These may be found in your friend's rooms or your own rooms. Once you find a set of the Mystery Keys in the Room click on the Keys and you will be able to post a Feed by clicking Share Keys.

You will also be able to post a feed for more keys once you find a chest. To do this click on the chest from your inventory and and the option to Share Keys will be there as well.

How do I receive a Chest?

You can receive a Chest by one of your Friend's sending you this item as a Free Gift or purchasing a Chest (Please read below for more details)

How Do I purchase a Chest or Key?

You will be able to purchase a Key or a Chest to your matching set by clicking on either the Key or the Chest you have in color in your inventory and you will be prompted to purchase the missing piece. For instance if you only have the Red Key and you want the matching Red Mystery Chest you can click on your Red Key in your inventory and the following will pop up allowing you to Buy a Chest.

How Do I open my Chest?

You can only open your chest if you have the matching Key and Chest. If you have the key and chest in the same color you can open the chest by placing it in your room and then clicking on the item or opening it by clicking on it from your inventory. We will show you how many of each item you own and once you click Open you will get a pop up message of the prize you will receive.

Well that's about all folks. We will let you know as soon as this feature is available in game.

We are hoping to have this in game this week if all goes well.

Good Luck Everyone and have fun hunting for those keys to open your chests!!

This article originally appeared on YoVille Lounge.
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