YoVille Treasure Chests Feature wins you Coins, Rares & YoCash


Treasure chests and keys with the bright colors of red, blue, and green arrived to YoVille. To get your keys, click on your friends feeds that say Mystery Keys Found. You can also buy them for 2 Yocash. You will find the keys all over your properties on YoVille. If you see a colorful ring of keys click on it and send the feed yourself to help your friends out. When you want to buy keys, set your chest on the ground in your room and click on it. A little message will pop up giving you the option to buy the key. You will also be able to send chests in the game to others as gifts and in trade, but you are not allowed to gift or send keys themselves.

In those chests you can find coins, yocash and even rares. What are these rares? You will have to tell us! Make sure to send a picture of the rare items you get from the chests to admin@yvlounge.com. Official report and pictures are after the link.

What did you find in your chests? Tell us in comments.

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