Where the jobs are: Housekeepers needed in New York

bartender jobsThe latest update of Indeed's list of industry employment trends shows the economy is improving as far as job openings go, and especially in New York, where housekeepers are in demand.

Hospitality is the fastest growing industry with 44% growth in job listings from a year ago, with cooks, restaurant managers and bartenders in great demand.

The list shows 10 of the 12 major industries showing more job openings in February than a year ago. It tracks advertised instead of filled positions, which Indeed says is a more forward-looking indicator than government jobs data.

Other industries growing are:
  • Retail, up 35%.
  • Real estate, up 33%.
  • Education, up 18%.
  • Media and newspapers, up 18%.
  • Financial services and banking, up 13%.
  • Manufacturing, up 13%.
  • Accounting, up 10%.
  • Transportation, up 7%.
  • Information technology, up 6%.
Construction was down 5% and the health-care industry was down 1%.

So if you're looking for a job in a fast growing industry, if you don't want to be a maid, then try being a customer service representative in retail, a property manager in real estate or a graphic designer at a newspaper.

If newspapers are hiring again, then the economy has to be turning around.

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