Your Chance to Dine in Italian Palaces

Seletti Stacking Palace DishesIf the adage that it takes a village to raise a child seems astonishing, you may be overwhelmed to find out that it takes a city to serve dinner. Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli has come up with a brilliant set of dishes that won't clutter your kitchen cabinets because chances are you'll want to display them proudly on your counter tops.

The soon-to-be-released Palace stacking dishes are miniatures of Florentine-inspired Renaissance homes. Each mini-building is comprised of six porcelain dishes or "floors." When the dishes from all four units are unstacked you'll have a complete dinner service for six that includes dinner plates, side plates, soup bowls and small bowls. Not to allow any real estate go to waste, the roofs of each palace, when turned over, can be used as serving dishes. And Zambelli didn't skimp on the architectural details, either – the plates and bowls are outlined with floor plans.

The designer teamed with the Italian house goods company Seletti for this project. From Pantone-hued folding chairs to decorative tool boxes to modular bookcases, Seletti has a long, rich history of combining fun and function in their designs.

The Palace dinner conversation pieces don't come cheap. The small plate and bowl sets are each $98 while the soup bowl and large plate sets are each $130. They're available online for pre-order at the design site A+R Store - and if you decide to go whole hog and get the entire set (and, really, why wouldn't you?), it's 10% off.

Seletti Palace stacking dishes
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