Sex Offenders as Building Supers? Not in NY

NY politicians fighting sex offendersNew Yorkers can breathe a sigh of grateful relief: politicians are stepping forward to ensure that sex offenders are prohibited from holding apartment superintendent jobs.

New York politicians like state Assembly member Micah Kellner and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer are developing legislation to prevent those convicted of violent sexual misconduct from gaining employment that gives these creeps access to your apartment, even after they've served their time.

The politicians point to William Barnason, a convicted sex offender who had the keys to approximately 50 apartments in three buildings in his job as a building super.

Apparently, Baranason used his position to try and force renters to trade sexual favors....

Carol Engle, a tenant in one of the buildings, said Barnason tried to extort sex from her after refusing to refund her rent down payment. Engle told The New York Post in regards to the super's firing, "I feel like residents in the Upper West Side are safer."

"The aim of our legislation is to prevent a frightening and potentially dangerous situation like this from ever happening again," Schumer said.

One anonymous commenter wrote in response to the news at The Real Deal, "I am all for giving ex-cons access to work. But some work should be off limits. Supers are not janitors."

Since supers have knowledge of a renter's schedule and access to their private space, we couldn't agree more.

Via The Real Deal
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