Pilot Arrested for Flying with a Fake License

A Swedish pilot was arrested in the cockpit of a packed passenger jet earlier this week, after authorities discovered he had been flying for years with a fake license.

A Corendon Airlines plane was moments away from departing Amsterdam Tuesday night on a flight bound for Ankara, Turkey, when Dutch police boarded the jet and arrested the pilot. At the time of the incident, 101 passengers were on board.

The man, whose identity has not been released, was arrested thanks to a tip from Swedish authorities.

According to a report by CNN on March 4th, investigators in Sweden charged the man with flying with a fake license several years ago, but did not pursue the case because they failed to locate him.

Recently the Swedish government received a tip that the man was flying for a Turkish airline, and that upcoming work would send him to the Netherlands. That information was then transmitted to the Dutch police, and ultimately led to the pilot's arrest, according to CNN.

The 41-year-old man had admitted to flying for European airlines for 13 years, logging 10,000 hours. He was previously employed by companies in Belgium, Great Britain, and Italy.

The Turkey-based Corendon Airlines was alerted by police prior to the arrest, and had a replacement pilot standing by to take over the flight. The airline told the BBC that the pilot had been flying for them for two years, and that he had "expertly misled the company with his false papers".

A statement released by the Dutch police said that the man recently had a valid license to fly small commercial airplanes, but the license was expired and would not have given him authorization to fly a passenger aircraft.

The man is currently in custody, awaiting trial for flying without a license and forging documents.
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