Mystery Animal Crate reintroduced in FarmVille


Starting today, those who didn't get the chance to grab their cool animal from the mystery animal crate will get a new (and probably final) chance to buy it and expand their farm because Zynga decided to reintroduce the Mystery Animal Crate in FarmVille.

Just like before, the Mystery Animal Crate is available for just 7 days for purchase and it costs 20 FV cash. Inside it you can find any of the following limited edition FarmVille animals:

- Jackalope (past prize)
- Buffalo (past prize)
- Ox (past prize)
- Buck (past prize)
- Peacock (past prize)

Unfortunately nothing new from the Mystery Animal Crate, but still some really cool items!

Did you get the Mystery Animal Crate in FarmVille when it was first released or are you planning to get it now?

This article originally appeared on Social Games Help.