Mariann Donato Entry #2: The Makeover

I had a most amazing day yesterday - one that, in a million years, I never thought possible. I have Tory to thank for every single minute of it.

What a Cinderella-like day. It began at noon yesterday where I met up with Tory, an ABC camera man, a revered hair-stylist (to many celebs, including Diane Sawyer), a master make-up artist and Carolina Leid, a general assignment reporter from ABC. It all took place at Saks Fifth Avenue Salon.

I arrived looking like what I refer to as my "old ragged self" and left looking and feeling more confident than ever, thinking that I can now conquer the world. It started with a one-on-one interview by ABC's Carolina Leid where she asked targeted and smart questions about my search thus far and how the job club has made a difference in how I now conduct that same search.

Shortly thereafter I was whisked away to Vincent's dom

ain where he talked to me about color and cut.

Then he started the magical transformation while the camera was taping much of the time. This is a person I will not soon forget. Undeniably, he's one of the very best stylists but more than that he's truly a man of many hats - one who has written books, worked with well known celebrities, is the very best self-promoter I've ever met - yet he was genuine and made me feel important.

Next came along an amazing make-up artist by the name of Andrea Fairweather, who looked EXACTLY liked Halle Berry. Again, cameras were rolling as she applied my make-up and Carolina interviewed her while she was in the midst of doing her thing. At one point my hair was being worked on while at the same time, Vincent and his assistant, Marilyn, were putting the finishing touches on my hair. I had three brushes stuck in my head and a makeup brush stuck in my eye. Yes....cameras rolling.

I have never felt more pampered or special. I find it funny that regular patrons in the salon came trying to sneak a peak as though someone famous must have been bein

g filmed. And all the was just little 'ole me.

Now to the big reveal. I looked up in the mirror and had to remind myself that the reflection staring back was really me. I was truly overwhelmed. How did they do that? They transformed a stuck-in-the mud 50 year old into a contemporary, much more modern and hip professional-looking woman. It made me feel as though I can truly compete now. No more pre-conceived fear about losing out to the younger, more cool set. I can go-head-to-head with them now and may the best candidate win!

Shortly thereafter, it was a wrap! My commute home allowed me the time to return to reality. The excitement of the experience lingered on throughout the day, but I realized that the entire experience - hair, makeup, interviews, and all - served to provide me with what I was missing most - confidence and the empowerment to forge ahead into any situation no matter how daunting it may be.

Wow....what a day!

NOTE: If you have any job leads for Ms. Donato, please let us know in the comments below. Thank you.

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