Make friends with flax and save


We're past the New Year surge of ambition, and settling into what some might call the "spring slump" -- that time after the holidays and Valentine's Day where people start to become a bit more lax on their resolutions, especially the ones pertaining to health.

Luckily, I've recently picked up a habit that makes the whole "eat healthier" resolution a lot easier to keep. Flax seed seems to be one of the latest trends in the health food industry, and I have become one of its latest devotees.

Flax seed comes from the flax (or linseed) plant. Most of these plants are grown in the Midwest, especially in North Dakota, and can also be used to make linens and clothing.

Flax can be consumed in three ways: as a supplement, as oil, or you can eat the seed itself. Ground flaxseed is everywhere lately, so you should be able to find it in most stores. It even comes in flavors (blueberry is pretty tasty), making it an inexpensive and easy add-in to your every day diet.