Major renovations in Restaurant City gameplay!

Restaurant City in-game logo
Three very significant changes took over Restaurant City in the past two days and we're gonna highlight each of them here for players old and new.

All these changes are helping make Restaurant City a more interactive and complex game. While it may feel like too many options, gameplay changes like this help reward hardcore players who spend the time to explore all opportunities the creators have to offer. People can continue to play as they did before, but these new features do make for a richer gaming experience.

So let's take a look below at the 1) revamped gifts system, 2) Lost Wallet and Purse bonuses, 3) improved Ingredient Star Ratings (which will affect the cost of ingredients bought via the Playfish Cash).

1) Revamped Gifts System:
Restaurant City giftbacks
We've discovered that the new Restaurant City gifts page and Rock Cafe giftables came with even more surprises. Now, whenever you send gifts to your friends and they accept your item, the game automatically gifts you a random mystery present, which you'll find in your in-game inbox!
Popularity Boost
This mystery present can be anything from an instant Popularity Ratings Boost (which adds popularity points to your restaurant the moment you open your present), various V-Day items (such as the "Romantic Cats", "Purple Heart Balloons", and "Single Rose"), and even "Party Balloons" (which costs 850 Coins in the store).

2) Lost Wallet and Purse Bonuses:
Another change is what you'd get for visiting your friends' restaurants. Aside from earning coins by helping out or picking up trash, you'll also find Wallet or Purse announcements that can be posted to the Facebook wall of your friend's profile. Of course, your friends can do the same for you...
Wallet and Purse Bonuses on your wall via Restaurant City
When that happens, you can click on the "Claim Wallet/Purse & Reward" link to get a bonus for yourself and/or the friend who posted it on the wall for you, but your friend can only get the bonus if you then post the bonus onto their wall!
Restaurant City Purse BonusRestaurant City Bonus Sharing on Wall
Warning: The trouble with this new system is that Lost Wallet and Purse posts can appear on your profile even if you have restricted your game from spamming your profile. If you don't mind the onslaught of unsolicited posts, then you can appreciate the teamwork involved to help every player get more in-game money.

Finally, if you're not going to get a Lost Wallet or Purse after helping out a friend's restaurant, then the game will let you know with the following message:
Restaurant City says you didn't find anything.

3) Ingredient Star Ratings (and weekly PF prices):
Restaurant City Ingredient Star Rating changes
Star Ratings on Restaurant City ingredients are a key part of the ingredient trading system. All ingredients get a Star Rating of 1 to 5, so that a 1-star ingredient, cannot be traded for a 5-star. And while the rating system is suppose to reflect the rarity of an item, that wasn't always the case since item rarity changed weekly. But now the game is ready to begin a weekly enforcement of the Star Ratings so that all ingredients will accurately reflect how rare and useful an ingredient will be. This also means that the Playfish Cash prices for ingredients will change weekly.
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