What Jobs Are In Demand? Four Industries With Job Vacancies

With job openings scarce and current positions being cut, you may be wondering, "What jobs are in demand?" But as the baby boomer generation heads to retirement, some industries will see a major boost in job vacancies.

Recent college graduates and professionals who are looking for a change of career can start working toward one of these industries now, making them a prime candidate as openings start popping up. The baby boomer generation won't be hitting retirement as early as expected because of the economic conditions, but job seekers can plan to see more job vacancies booming within these industries from now until around 2020.

Healthcare and Education are two job industries that are always in demand, but you'll be surprised to know that Engineering and Environmental Sciences jobs will also be hiring in large numbers. Here's why:

1. Health Care Occupations

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the health care industry is estimated to increase by 27 percent through 2014. To be more specific, openings for home health aides, physician assistants, medical assistants and physical therapy assistants are the fastest growing occupations in the industry. If you don't have the right education to break into the health care industry, don't worry. Health care employers are focusing on recruiting a diverse group of professionals to fill the need for workers.

2. Engineering

The starting salaries for engineering jobs are some of the highest in the market, with the U.S. Department of Labor expecting to see a large employment increase for biomedical engineers and civil engineers. Job seekers can owe this boost of openings to the constant demand for new technologies.

3. Education

Due to the baby boomer population hitting retirement, schools will be hiring in large numbers as we hit 2020, especially teachers who are qualified in math, science, bilingual education and foreign languages. However, as job prospects in other industries diminish, many are looking toward teaching, which will likely make the market more competitive in the coming years.

4. Environmental Sciences

It's no wonder that jobs with a focus on the environment will be in demand over the next few years. Now that our country is trying to "go green" and the debate over global warming is still a hot political issue, those specializing in environmental sciences will be needed. From lab technicians to environmental advocacy, the possibilities are endless for job seekers who want to save the planet.

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