FarmVille Unreleased Items: Mystery Bag, Motorcycle, Scooter, Checker/Dog Bowl, & Jacaranda Tree

From time to time, we like to share with you some FarmVille Unreleased items. These items have been discovered, but there is no official release date or confirmation that they will actually make it to the game.

Thanks to FarmVille Freak Xan995 for sharing his findings.

Mystery BagRed MotorcycleSeagreen Scooter
Red Checker/DogBlack Checker/DogJacaranda Tree

  1. Mystery Bag – Zynga FarmVille
  2. Red Motorcycle – Zynga FarmVille
  3. Seagreen Scooter – Zynga FarmVille
  4. Red Checker or Dog Bowl – Zynga FarmVille
  5. Black Checker or Dog Bowl – Zynga FarmVille
  6. Jacaranda TreeZynga FarmVille

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