Farmville Pic of the Day: I wish I had a river...


FarmVille is more than just an ultra-popular farming simulation -- it's a chance to express yourself artistically through unique and creative farm layouts. To that end,'s FarmVille Picture of the Day features some of the most interesting and imaginative FarmVille layouts out there. Got a FarmVille pic you want to share? Send it to

Today's pic: I wish I had a river... (from PhotoBucket)

Anyone can use Farmville's built-in water objects as homes for their various waterfowl. It takes a truly patient visionary to put together dozens (if not hundreds) of blue hay bales and arrange them into a gently flowing home for their ducks and geese to nestle in. The little bridge made of fences and gray hay bales in the bottom left corner just completes the serene scene.

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