FarmVille Dog: Coming Today?

FarmVille becomes WhineVille over new dog
FarmVille becomes WhineVille over new dog

We know that the FarmVille Dog will be coming soon, but will it debut today?

Zynga has hinted via a FarmVille Podcast that the Dog will be an interactive pet and include customizable features such as the ability to name your dog. A lot of farmers are wondering exactly how much we can expect to pay for the Dog? Many people suspect the Dog will cost farm cash.

Even though there has been an overwhelming response by farmers requesting a dog, Zynga has held out releasing the FarmVille Dog. It has been the most anticipated item in FarmVille thus far, so it is not too surprising they have made us wait this long. With long waits and a build-up like this, we hope it will not disappoint! However, as FarmVille Freak Terrible Ted's altered FarmVille teaser image below depicts, with all FarmVille releases there are sure to be complaints.

The teaser picture from the FarmVille loading screen shows the dog in the same colors as the Dog we've seen on the FarmVille Official Forum's Banner and FarmVille Twitter page. Hopefully we will have customizable options to pick color choices and features as well.

Wouldn't it be great if the Zynga gods considered making a range of Dog breeds available in FarmVille? Many dog lovers would love the option to choose their favorite breed of Dog!

What breed of Dog would you like to see in FarmVille?

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.