Employment Center Math: Resume Tips + Mock Interviews = Job Leads

Job seekers who are looking for that edge, whether fresh out of college or an expert in their industry, can benefit from an employment center. A local employment center can increase your chances of getting a job by helping you fine tune the skills you already possess. Not only will the staff help you discover career paths you never thought you could take, but they'll show you how to get there and will give you full access to their resources.

Here are three ways employment centers can enhance your job search:

1. Resume building

Many job seekers are confident about the look of their resume, that is until they get nervous when their phone isn't ringing off the hook with potential employers. The first thing an employment center can help you tackle is the format and writing in your resume. You'll be surprised how a few tweaks can vastly improve the tone of your CV and help you land that coveted interview.

2. Mock interviews

Job interviewing is a skill, meaning that you need to constantly work at it. Employment centers can not only set up mock interviews for you, but they can offer valuable feedback on how you can perfect your interviewing skills. The best aspect of setting up a mock interview with an employment center, instead of with a friend, is that you'll get honest advice and tips from professionals.

3. Job placement

Once your employment center has cleaned up your resume and sharpened your interviewing skills, you can take advantage of their job placement services. Many companies would rather work with an employment center to fill a position rather than have to sort through hundreds of resumes that could be sent in from a job board listing, giving you the access to jobs that a large majority of the public may not know about. If you're having trouble networking, these job placement services are a great alternative as well.

There are endless ways an employment center can help you jumpstart your job search. Not only can job seekers find the competitive edge they're looking for, but business professionals who are putting themselves back on the market can get tailored advice and guidance that will help them succeed.

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