Cafe World spices arrive today

cafe world spices arrive
cafe world spices arrive

Things are about to get a little... spicier in Cafe World. For several weeks, we've been collecting different sized jars and lids from friends in order to complete the spice rack for our cafe.

Starting today, the actual spices will start to arrive. Based on the image to the right, it looks like these flavor savers will serve as boost in the game, whether it's making a dish cook faster or possibly raising the price of a dish.

Those are just guesses, of course, but we're slightly intrigued by the concept of using 'boosts' in Cafe World,' much like the ones that were added to Mafia Wars at the end of last year. It would add a new level of complexity to the game, which would be a nice change of pace. Just cross your fingers that the majority of these will be purchasable with coins vs. Cafe cash.

Keep your eyes peeled for the first shipment of spices sometime today, and in the meantime, make sure your rack is ready for business.

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