140 free address labels

Vista Print
Vista Print

Get 140 free return address labels through Vista Print by clicking on the image at right. The fine print says this deal expires Dec. 31, 2010, but I'm skeptical it will be available for that long.

The 140 labels usually costs $8 plus shipping. Now you only pay shipping, which is $3-$5, depending on how fast you want to receive your labels and where you live.

Vista Print gives you plenty of chances to customize your labels -- for a fee. If you upload your own image there is a one-time $2.50 fee, but after you pay it you can use the image on other products without paying the upload fee. Receiving a proof of your document costs $1.50 (or you can proof electronically for free.) If you want more than 140 labels, you can pay $8 for 280 or $16 for 420.

After you've finalized your labels, there are lots of opportunities to buy more stuff. I had to click through about four pages of business supplies and other offers before reaching checkout. Phew! It's hard work saying no, so be careful that you don't end up buying something you didn't intend to purchase.

Taking advantage of this deal supports WalletPop.