Sweet SF Rental: Outer Mission 1-Bdrm, $1,200


You can get some great deals on sweet rentals in the Outer Mission of San Francisco. If you're willing to live slightly outside of the city hub, there are places you can rent that are both affordable and big. Better yet, you'll be able to park your car as well. (Try that while living in Lower Haight.)

$1,200 is a great price for what you get here. This is a ground floor unit in a three-story home, with its own private/secure entrance through both the front as well as the backyard.

If you're into security, this may be the apartment for you. It's part of a gated neighborhood that requires remote access to enter and exit. Throw in a reserved parking spot in front and you're ready to take on the world. And though you're not in central San Francisco, there's plenty of transportation to get you there.