Sweet Chicago Rental: Financial District Convenience for $1,800

235-Van-Buren-In-Chicago's-Financial-DistrictUnlike other metropolitan cities such as New York or London, residential buildings in Chicago's Financial District are virtually non-existent. (Although, the Windy City's finance center is much smaller). But changing that generalization is the newly built, 235 Van Buren, that has sprouted up one block from the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Willis Tower (better known by its former name, the Sears Tower).

Given the slowdown of the condo market in Chicago, 235 Van Buren is one of many new high-rises trying to both sell and rent their units. (But it's a little tricky because the developers don't always clearly identify the buildings on rental listing sites). Here's a little help: Two-bedrooms are going for $1,800 with approximately 1,100-square-feet and one-bedrooms are priced around $1,550 with up to 800-square-feet of space.

So besides rolling out of bed and skipping across the street to work, what does 235 provide that you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere?

Uh huh, you're curious. Here's a quick summary of what makes this highrise a little different than the pack:

  • Convenience and safety. For Chicago's quintessential workaholic bachelor or working girl, 235 Van Buren's doorman will always be around to accept your packages and to offer additional security for those late nights walking home from the office.
  • Location. Want to blow off steam over the weekend and get out of the city? Situated right next to the major interstate I-90/94, out of town trips would be a cinch. When you return -- perhaps too late on a Sunday night, you can park in the building's secured garage.
  • Style. Accentuated by overhanging balconies, the building's unique, modern design might look similar to other residential highrises spotted around the city (it has the same developer as River North's award-winning Contemporaine). The style is inside and out with 10-foot-loft ceilings, exposed concrete, marble bathroom counters and European style kitchens.

Remind me again, why put down $200 grand if this is for rent?

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