New jobs, new stores, more sales at Kohl's


It's not all doom and gloom and lost jobs. Kohl's Department Stores is opening new stores and adding more than 1,500 employees. In all, there are nine locations in six different states opening this month. Five opened March 3 and the remaining four bow on March 24. All Kohl's locations celebrate with Grand Opening sales, so shoppers everywhere get the deals.

Kohl's has managed to grow sales even as its fellow retailers suffer losses. Sales increased 8.5% during the fourth quarter and income jumped 28% for that period. The retailer reported an annual sales increase of nearly 5% for 2009, largely based on sales from new stores. Kohl's opened 51 stores in 2009.

This year Kohl's is debuting 30 new stores and remodeling 85 locations. Compare this to its more beleaguered brethren. Sears and Kmart are closing stores, Target has all but halted new store openings with just 10 new units scheduled for 2010, and JC Penney isn't talking about new stores at all as profits fell in 2009.

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