Island Paradise Cheats & Tips: Five easy ways to get ahead

island paradise from Meteor games in beta

If there's one thing we've learned from the TV show 'Lost' -- never get stuck on a island. Then we started to play Island Paradise, by Meteor Games, and changed our minds. At its core, this is a farming game, but instead of the back forty, this takes place on a deserted island. Not a creepy, mystical island with a bunch of plane crash survivors, but a relaxing, tropical spot, complete with the sound of gentle waves loopinh in the background. Close your eyes, and take a listen -- you just might start to think you're there.

At the start of the game, players are given a small island with a few farmable plots of land, as well as extra space to place trees and animals. Out of all the farming games on Facebook, Island Paradise is easily one of the best. The game loads quickly, is simple to navigate and, of course, it's fun to play.

If you're just getting started in the game, here are a few tips to help you level up quickly:

1) Grow the right crops
To earn coins and XP quickly, be sure to choose crops that take longer to grow -- they are worth more than the crops that grow within a few hours. We recommend the pineapple plant, which is available after you level up a few times. Beginners should stick with the bean plant, which takes 24 hours to grow, or the corn plant, which takes 48 hours to grow.

island paradise island

2) Only grow crops you can keep up with
If you go to school or work, chances are you will not be able to harvest fast-growing crops when they need to be harvested. If you check on them too late, they will have expired, which means that not only did you pay to plant the first crop, but now you also have to pay to remove the expired plant and pay again to plant another crop. You're better off planting a slow-growing crop that you know you can harvest before it expires.

3) Trees and animals don't expire
While the crops you plant do expire, the trees and animals you can keep on your island do not. They are a guaranteed source of income so be sure to have plenty of trees and as many animals as you can. Your best bet is to keep animals with high value on your island rather than taking up space with animals that aren't worth as much (goats instead of chickens, for example).

island paradise - steal from friends while they steal from you

4) Be social - visit your friends
When you visit your friends' islands, you can steal up to three things from their island per day. Yes, we said 'steal.' Everybody does it in this game, so you'll just have to get used to the concept. Stealing works like this: If your friend has an apple tree, a goat, and a pineapple plant, you can take an apple, goat milk and a pineapple. That way, you gain coins and XP and at the same time, your friend doesn't lose out because they're not losing an entire crop, tree or animal. Friends can visit your island and steal up to three items from you as well.

5) Keep your island clean - pick up miscellaneous items
You will find, on your island and your friends' islands, items that you can pick up and sell. These items can be sea shells, jewels, an old boot, a piece of driftwood, an empty bottle and a treasure chest. Be sure to keep an eye out for them. Each item is worth a different amount -- the old boot and driftwood is worth the least, and the treasure chest is worth the most.

So the question remains, will you ever get off this island? Looks like you'll be stuck here for good, so it's best to just create your own version of tropical paradise, then kick back and listen to the waves.

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